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Located at LVL 2 UTS BUILDING 4, 745 HARRIS STREET SYDNEY 2007, NSW just minute from Central station, the UTS Judo is fast becoming a popular training centre offering a great learning environment in a purpose built venue with a highly functional padded floor. In addition to the dojo, the complex offers a variety of other martial arts. UTS Judo offers junior and senior classes from novice through to advanced, and even for those wanting to pursue a competitive career on the state or national team..

The UTS Judo instructors are of international standing, being former National Team members, or having years of experience in different levels of competition.


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    Practiced today by millions

    of individuals worldwide, judo is undoubtedly the most popular combat sport. Judo is a tremendous and dynamic sport that demands both physical prowess and great mental discipline.

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    Judo is direct and uncomplicated

    Originated in Japan as a derivative of the various martial arts developed and used by the samurai and the feudal warrior class over hundreds of years.

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    techniques of judo originated from arts

    Which were designed to hurt, maim, or kill opponents in actual field battle, the techniques of judo were modified so that students can practice and apply these techniques safely and without hurting opponents:

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    Judo does not involve

    Kicking, punching, or striking techniques of any kind. Instead, application of pressure against the joints are used to throw an opponent.

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    Judo involves no equipment or weapons of any sort.

    Instead, judo simply involves two individuals who, by gripping the judo uniform (or judogi), use the forces of balance, power, and movement to attempt to subdue each other. Thus, it is simple and basic. In its simplicity, however, lies its complexity, and mastery of even the most basic of judo techniques often takes considerable time, effort, and energy, involving rigorous physical and mental training.

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    Judo builds confidence

    Judo not only works out the body, but it also works out the mind. When taking Judo, you will build self-confidence, trust, self-discipline and respect for yourself and others.


Wow, Amazed, one of the best judo clubs I have ever been to. Friendly and professional trainers. I had a really good time a definitely will be coming back.

Rasto Krivosudsky

Enjoyed my first free trainig. I will be recommending this place to who want's learn about judo and self-protecion.

Jake Harris

Semir is really easy going guy. Give him a ring he is the one you after. 5 of 5

Jessica Preston

I have been doing Judo for almost 10 years. I was surprised when I approched Judo Club Epic how much I still have to learn. Come and see us in your free time and you won't regret.

Sam Kromstain