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UTS Judo Adult Classes


Judo is often marketed to children, but adults can enjoy judo as well! Learning judo at any age is a positive experience. Even if you know nothing about judo, now you can learn, and we’ll be happy to teach you.


If you want to get in shape, focus your mind, and burn off the stress of your day, judo really is the perfect sport as it helps both your mind and body become stronger. You will be able to see and feel the effects on your body more than any other sport. There is a reason judo is popular around the world – and you’ll understand why once you join our adult judo classes.


Your teacher will talk to you about where your mind and body are now and how much you currently know about judo. That will allow them to place you into an appropriate ongoing class.

Don’t worry about your ability level! If you know a little bit about judo, there is a class for you. If you know nothing about judo, we will teach you and if you understand the basics of judo, we have a class that’s perfect for you. And finally, if you’re at an advanced level, we welcome you into our advanced sessions!


But what’s most important is that judo is fun and engaging. You won’t just be stuck in a spin class or alone on a treadmill like at a regular gym. Instead, you’ll find yourself overcoming new challenges, in every class. You’ll feel your body get stronger. You’ll notice you are able to concentrate better. The laser focus that will come to your thoughts will astound you. Every facet of your life will become better as you improve yourself at judo!


We love our adult students! They have made a choice to improve their lives and decided to act. They often become our best students. Why not sign up for a class today – or come by to schedule your free training session?



At UTS Judo, we are not just about our judo matches. We are passionate about Judo, and how it will change your life, provide children with greater purpose, self discipline, and strength of character. We believe in our students and that through our efforts, we can help build a healthier, more responsible generation through the discipline of judo. We teach skills and values that will help you for years to come.

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