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Our Team

UTS Judo's Instructors

The UTS Judo team are dedicated to the art of judo and helping children and adults discover its benefits for the body and mind. Each one of us has a unique vision for spreading the word of judo and are highly qualified instructors. We’re proud of their accomplishments and excited for you to get to know them!

Semir Pepic - Senior Coach

One of our two head coaches, Semir represented Slovakia at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and Australia at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, where he achieved 9th place. He again represented Australia at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. He is a 4th Dan blackbelt.

Roman Garai - Head Coach & UTS Judo President

Our second head coach and joint founder of UTS Judo, Roman Gari is a 2nd Dan blackbelt. Roman started in judo as his father was a judo coach. He recalls the very first time that he walked into his Fathers dojo and that day changed his life.

Amber McLindoe - Coach

Amber is a 2nd Dan blackbelt and our second coach. She has attained a B Health Science (Fitness) and brings her skills to us. She represented Australia at a World Championship, medalled at numerous Oceania championships.

Matt Peppas - Assistant Coach

Matt is a 1st Dan blackbelt and one of our success stories! He began studying judo with us 14 years ago and has now joined our staff as an assistant coach. He has participated in numerous competitions. Now, he handles our beginners’ classes for both children and adults.

Yuki Uemura - Coach

Yuki Uemura is a judo 2nd Dan Black Belt in Japan and Australia. Yuki is passionate about having devoted her life to judo since she was just three years old! Yuki has been coaching judo for more than thirteen years and has had extensive coaching experience.

Mark Brewer - Coach

Mark is a 3rd Dan blackbelt and has been New Zealand’s number one ranked judoka, representing New Zealand for more than 11 years in international competitions. A National and Oceania Continental Champion and 2014 Commonwealth Games Representative, Mark has trained with top athletes.

Yolanda Arcos - Assistant Coach

Yolanda grew up as a competitive athlete. In 2013 Yolanda was awarded the Best Youth athlete in Equator and won the Ippon Trophy, 2010 Junior Open Judo Championships, was a South American and Pan American champion.


At UTS Judo, we are not just about our judo matches. We are passionate about Judo, and how it will change your life, provide children with greater purpose, self discipline, and strength of character. We believe in our students and that through our efforts, we can help build a healthier, more responsible generation through the discipline of judo. We teach skills and values that will help you for years to come.

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