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Amber McIndoe


2nd Dan Black Belt

Amber is a 2nd Dan Blackbelt and our second assistant coach. She has attained a Bachelor of Health Science (Fitness) and brings her skills to us. She represented Australia at a World Championship, medalled at numerous Oceania Championships, and has been studying judo for over 12 years.

Forging deep connections with the children who come to us to study, Amber has a profound understanding of the challenges that people face when they first start to take up judo. Amber also knows how to hone the skills of more experienced athletes. Overall, she brings balance to our judo school. Her insights are invaluable!


IJF Instructor & NSW State Assistant Junior Coach

“You progress not through what has been done, but reaching towards what has yet to be done”.

Khalil Gibran


“There are people who are excitable by nature and allow themselves to become angry for the most trivial of reasons. Judo can help such people learn to control themselves. Through training, they quickly realize that anger is a waste of energy, that it has only negative effects on the self and others”.

Kano Jigoro


At UTS Judo, we are not just about our judo matches. We are passionate about Judo, and how it will change your life, provide children with greater purpose, self discipline, and strength of character. We believe in our students and that through our efforts, we can help build a healthier, more responsible generation through the discipline of judo. We teach skills and values that will help you for years to come.

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